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Color Camera Club of Westchester
Looking Through the Lens - Creative Color and B&W Photography
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Club History and Mission


The Color Camera Club of Westchester, Inc. ("CCCW"), was founded December 21, 1951, as a club based in Westchester County, New York. 

In the past 65+ years, the Club has welcomed perhaps thousands of members and participants in its activities. 

The Club currently seeks to maintain a membership of approximately 100 active members.  It accepts members of all levels -- beginner and highly skilled -- and is proud of its diverse and enthusiastic members.

The Club's fundamental purpose has been to sponsor and support educational and organized activities aimed at improving the skills and abilities of photographers, as well as expanding knowledge and appreciation of fine art photography, among Club members, guests and the public in general.

The Club focuses particularly on encouraging enthusiastic new photographers to learn to improve their photography, in a collegial, supportive, challenging environment.  The Club provides an equally engaging venue for its most experienced members, challenging them to expand the range and depth of their photographic skills and techniques.

In its modern form, its members primarily use digital cameras (and digital processing software) to generate digital displays and prints of fine art photography -- including both color and black & white images, and including both realistic "traditional" photography as well as experimental creative "new dimensions."

Since its founding, club members have achieved recognition by competing and exhibiting their work locally, nationally and internationally.  Club members also have spread their knowledge into the community, locally and elsewhere -- by teaching, lecturing, mentoring, and collaborating on photography exhibits and projects.

In addition to its local activities in the New York City metropolitan area, the Club each year proudly hosts an international exhibition for photography, and has continued this tradition for more than 45 years.

The Club is a member of and participant in the Photographic Society of America (PSA), as well as regional photography organizations.